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Ghee made by Cow's A2 milk

Free delivery And Cash on delivery

So you can join our family without any hassle and doubt we are providing free delivery and Cash on delivery

Making of Ghee by A2 milk

A2 Milk Certificate

Dhenuras Cow Ghee Certificate

Dhenusaar family

Use of Ghee in Ayurveda

Has High Smoke Point

Excellent For Massage

Medicinal Use Of Cow Ghee


Taste is so best , Initially i doubted that how A2 ghee is available in 999 INR amount but later convienced by the team . Gone through the reports and now rest of my life we are going to consume dhenusaar ghee

Mansi Bhargava , Bengal

I Bought this for my grandfather , as some one suggested that cow milk and products is good for lactose intolerant people , now i pour some ghee on roti which is like luxury to him soon after poor health conditions

Preetam , Delhi

Soon after covid out break i started focusing on my families health and inner strength , I switched to olive oil and was looking for alternative after trying 4-5 brands i stuck to Dhenussaar because of taste and A2 quality

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