About Company

Ratnawali Dairy Products LLP is a leading private sector dairy company established in the year 2017. As we are involved in as a non-profitable organization and we are serving Indian Breed cows for past 15 years as a charitable activity. More than 7500 Desi Indian cows which are being served and being fed with best cattle feed and natural fodder to keep them healthy.

Ratnawali Dairy Products LLP has established itself as a producer of best quality A2 milk and milk products in the market with a diverse portfolio under “Dhenusaar” brand spanning over 5 categories in first phase. With our expertise, we have led a continued development of quality products made of A2 milk all these years and elevated our dairy farming to the level of a full-fledged industry.


Quality Milk Products. Nothing Less.

The core emphasis of Ratnawali Dairy Products LLP has been towards building a portfolio of healthy, delicious and fresh dairy products which led to the formation of “Dhenusaar” brand. With substantial evolution in the procurement, processing and production methods for its milk-based products, the quality conscious company has emerged as a renowned and reliable provider of quality A2 milk products under the Dhenusaar brand. With the leadership of visionaries, state-of-the-art plant, a committed workforce and strict quality standards, our company has been able to deliver products of unmatched quality to our retail as well as bulk customers and we meet the entire requirement to be the best dairy product companies in Jaipur.

Why A2 Milk?

Because it’s the purest form of milk.

Some companies use milk which comes from the crossbred cows like Holstein, Jersey who are fed with chemicals as fodder to produce more and A1 milk. This milk which is obtained from these hybrid cows is called A1 milk and it is not as healthy as you might think it is. This is why Dhenusaar brand was started, to provide customers with pure A2 milk produced by the healthy Indian Breed cows.

The Freshness of a Dairy, Right at Your Home

Every cow is tested and only certified Desi Indian Cows are allowed for procurement of milk so that Customers can get 100% natural A2 Milk to your Doorstep direct from the Dairy.

Since day one our aim has been to provide our customers with the best and freshest tasting dairy products like Milk, Butter Milk and Ghee with 100% authenticity guarantee. So as brand’s core rationale, we make sure that these dairy products which are made of a2 cow milk maintain their purity and taste when they reach customer’s doorstep. To further our efforts, we have planned to do DNA certification of all the cows to ensure 100% authenticity.

Remaining close to our customs and tradition, our motive is to lead India towards a future with healthier livestock and enhanced productivity of Desi Indian Cows. We strive to increase our range of fresh, pure and nutritious products for our customers.